About me

I am a computer vision PhD student at Columbia University, under the supervision of Professor Carl Vondrick, in New York (or if you prefer, The city that never sleeps, Gotham, The big apple, and a large assortment of other names).

I am interested in multimodal machine learning, or how to use different sources of information —like vision, audio and text— to formulate and solve computer vision and artificial intelligence problems. My interests also include self-supervised and active learning, and in general all the areas of artificial intelligence that involve using all the available information in an intelligent way.

Before moving to New York, I was a researcher at the Vector Institute, working in Professor Sanja Fidler's lab. I was previously a visiting student at CSAIL-MIT, working in Professor Antonio Torralba's lab, and I studied both the undergrad and a Master's in telecommunications in the UPC, in Barcelona.

In my free time, I like to play the classical guitar. Maybe (probably not) some day I'll upload some recording of me playing.

This website is a very young personal project, in which I will try to explain how I see the computer vision world, and that I will progressively fill with information about me, my projects and my interests.

It may or may not be up to date, but you can always contact me.