About me

I am a computer vision PhD student at Columbia University, in New York, under the supervision of Professor Carl Vondrick. I am also a Microsoft PhD fellow.

My interests are multimodal machine learning, video representations and self-supervised learning, and in general all the areas of artificial intelligence that involve using all the available information in an intelligent way.

Before moving to New York, I was a researcher at the Vector Institute, working in Professor Sanja Fidler's lab. I was previously a visiting student at CSAIL-MIT, working in Professor Antonio Torralba's lab, and I studied both the undergrad and a Master's in telecommunications in the UPC, in Barcelona. I have also been lucky to work at Telefonica with Joan Serrà, and at Adobe with Justin Salamon and Bryan Russell.

In my free time, I like to play the classical guitar. Maybe (probably not) some day I'll upload some recording of me playing. Also, I got interviewed by the Columbia CS department about my experience as a PhD student.